J. Caruso, MI


Pete is more than an attorney, he is your friend. He makes sure the accessibility issues are addressed and corrected, so that all people can use the establishment. Pete cares about you as a person and goes out of his way to help you with any situation that may come up in your life.

S. Jones, Michigan


Monismith Law was able to be a liaison between myself and a business that was not ADA compliant. We have come to an agreement and the business changed several aspects to become ADA compliant. I understand some small businesses might not know they are breaking the law. I asked Pete to send a letter first and the company worked with us to break down these barriers.

B. Kramer, Ohio


I am an advocate working on enforcement of the ADA laws. I have worked with different attorneys in the ten years I've been fighting for change. Pete Monismith is the best attorney I’ve had the pleasure of working with on my cases. He is knowledgeable, hardworking and very compassionate; I believe he's in this business for the right reason. We have done terrific work in the past. I look forward to working with him for years to come. Our goal is to leave the world more accessible than we found it.

M.I., Atlanta, Georgia

I have been in a wheelchair all of my adult life and got tired of places not being accessible . Mr. Monismith made sure that I was able to get into the properties and use them like everyone else. 


 If you or any of your friends or family have experienced issues gaining access to a property, contact me for assistance!